Creating a certificate

Creating the certificate is the final step of our process.
In this step you will generate a Certificate Signing Request which will be uploaded to Apple will return
a Development Certificate which you can upload to Let’s get Started!!

How to generate the certificate

1. Enter your full name, Apple Developer Account email address, and Country below and click “Download CSR” to generate a .certSigningCertificate file 

2. Download the .CSR then go to and log in 

3. Select “Certificates, identifiers & Profiles”


4. Select the + icon next to Certificates



5. Select “Developer ID Application” and click “Continue”


6. Select “Choose File” and upload the .CSR that you downloaded from Step 1. Click “Continue” after


7. Click “Download” to download the Apple Certificate you will receive a file called developerID_application.cer

9.Upload the CertSigningRequest file and Developer Account Email Address below

9.Upload the .cer file below

Frequently asked questions

Please reach back out to the representative who walked you through the first part of the process