Tutorial: Signing Up

Must be 18 year or older
 Must have a valid Apple ID that is older then six months
Need access to an Apple Mac devic
Team Viewer needs to be installed 

Verify address on file

1. Navigate to appleid.apple.com and log in

2. A Two Factor Authentication six digit code might be sent from Apple

3. Under “Payment and Shipping” select Edit

4. Note that the Billing Address on file. The exact spelling is very important



5. Navigate to developer.apple.com select “Account” in the top right corner and Sign In

6. Agree to TOS by selecting the check box and then select “Submit”

7. At the bottom of the page select “Join the Apple Developer Program”



8. Select “Enroll”


9. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and select “Start your Enrollment”. If Prompted about the Apple Developer App, select “Continue Enrollment on the web”

10. Type in the users name and address EXACTLY as it appeared in the billing section at appleid.apple.com. Then select “Continue”


11. Be sure “Individual / Sole Proprietor” is chosen and select “Continue”

12. Agree to the document by clicking the check box and then select “Continue”

13. On the next screen select “Purchase”

14. You will be prompted to resign in again


15. Select “New Credit or Debit Card” and enter the credit card information. After the card information is entered select “Review your Order”


16. One more time double check that the Billing address is correctly typed in and then select “Place Your order”

Application SUCCESSFULLY submitted

Now that the Application has been submitted we need to wait for Apple to approve it. Apple can take up to 48 business hours to approve the application but most accounts are approved or rejected in under 8 hours. You should receive an email titled “Welcome to Apple developer Program”. An additional way to confirm if you were approved is to log in to developer.apple.com and if the screen says “Pending Approval”, then they have not yet been approved. 

After you are a confirmed Apple Developer feel free to move on to the next step to generate your Developer Certificate 

Frequently asked questions

If the 2FA does not show up for the user, select “Didn’t get a verification code?” The the “Text Me” option to receive the code via SMS

This account will become locked for seven business days and will not have the capability to be approved for developer status.

This is a known bug from Apple and can happen for multiple reasons. If you experience this;

  1. Under “Contact Information” there is an email address field. Have the user enter a separate email address that is not the Apple ID email address.
  2. Re enter the credit card information as a “New Credit or debit Card”. Click continue and try to submit the order again.

If the issue still continues there may be an issue with the Credit Card it self. Please contact the person who issued the credit card information